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Friday, 17 May 2019

What is an Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

 Niche sites focus on a handful of specific products or topics.
Any site that offers reviews and performance analysis for a single product, or a lot of a very few similar products, can be considered a niche website.
 “When making a niche website to help promote a particular type of Amazon products, you are creating an Amazon niche website.”
For affiliate marketers, we consider niche site a website having around 30 to 50 contents for a particular type of products.
Most of the marketers are using niche site model to make money from Amazon affiliate.
Some marketers say, large authority sites provide the harshest competition for niche sites, but the market for niche sites is still strong.
Niche sites still benefit from the ability to be set up faster, and for much less of an investment.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

How to do blog commenting for traffic

1.Use your real name and identity for commenting.
2. learn about the site  and author.
3. study the comments that other people make.

4.Ad unique comment for value.
5.Blog comments length should be 140 character to 300 words.
6.Avoid general or average  comments.
7.Get involved in conversation with the commentators or author.
8.Avoid using  excessive link in comments.
9. Share the post in social media and tag the blog author in social media to get some natural link in future.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

How to increase like and share in Social media?

What is Social media?
Social media is the only one easy way to reach an information and news to many people very rapidly.
What will need to run a social media?
1)First, create account
2)Then complete the profile
3)Thereafter connect with friends.
How social media’s like share work?
If you have 5000 friends and you post in a social media then your 5000 friends will know it rapidly.
If we want to increase like and share in social media, we must publish good post in social media.
If you have 1000 friends and you post in their wall, if each of them has 1000 friends and they like it then it will go to their wall.
If you have 200 friends and you like a post of them, then it will go to your 200 friend’s wall.
If you have 500 friends and they share one of your posts then it will go to your 500 friend’s wall.
What is the importance of Social media activities for SEO?
SEO is a professional marketing strategy. If we want to do SEO, we must active in Social media. We must join in good groups and pages for doing SEO. If we post there, we will get like and share against the post. It will promote our website in search engine.
 You can also create a page on your business or products. Post on your page and share it.
You can also create a group and invite your friends to join your group. Post in your group and share it.
You can increase like by pay the Face book.
What is the secret for increase Like in Face book?
1)           First Post good article what peoples like? In this case, always think what peoples are wanting? Always be conscious about the public sentiment. Public sentiment means what all people’s like.
2)           By this above strategy, you will become popular. Then promote your business or product by creating page or Group.
3)           Then when you post in your wall you can write for friends or visitor that “if you want regular information please visit our page and give  like. ”
What is the benefit of marketing in Social media?
*          You will get huge visitor.
*          When a buyer wants huge visitor then you can send this huge visitor to his website by your social media marketing.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

How to do a good Yahoo answer?

Yahoo answer is a link building strategy for getting traffic to a website or page. Yahoo answer is a place where peoples can share their knowledge with each other. It is a part of the search engine Yahoo.
In market places buyer will give you works on keywords base. Then you must know how  doing an advanced search in Yahoo answer. Through the Advance search, you will find the exact keyword related question. Then you can give the answer properly and in source box use the buyer website link. For every answer, you will get 2 points. After getting the point collect the link in an excel file and submit for the buyer. For getting works in the market place, you must have level two accounts in Yahoo answer. Otherwise, your building link will not be clickable. So first, open an account with Yahoo. Then you can automatically give an answer. By giving answer cross the level two and then build links.
Web site
Approved link
Of yahoo answer

Friday, 23 September 2016

How to do a press release submission?

Press release is submitting a press or news article in a press release website. When we write an article as a press or news style, then it calls press article. A company publishes a press article on about their company or a product of their company.
Process of press release submission?
1)Collect the list of  free press release website from Google
2)Thereafter sign up in the press release site and fill-up the require information of the company.
3) Then write the title and press article in the Blank box and click the submit button.
When a buyer gives you the press article, he will give you all the company information properly. You will also find all the information about the company in his press article.
A sample of press article given by a buyer for press release submission:
<h1>The Sundance Center Seeks To Become The Standard for Drug Rehab In Arizona</h1>

<b>One of Arizona's premier drug rehab centers raises its' profile.</b>

In an effort to become the standard for <a href="">Drug rehab Arizona</a>, The Sundance Center has begun to aggressively promote methods designed to personalize addiction treatment. By catering to the individual needs of each client, the staff at The Sundance Center is demonstrating that this approach offers the client a much better opportunity for the long-term success of their treatment.

Programs at The Sundance Center revolve around an holistic approach to healing addiction. The Sundance Center seeks to treat the addiction itself by first identifying the root causes of the disease and then offering patients competent coping mechanisms with which to control their addictions. This is achieved first through individual therapy sessions and supported by both group and family counseling. The particular mix of these three methods depends completely on the individual needs of the patient and all care is taken to insure the patient is made to feel comfortable and safe, further assuring the success of the treatment.

In addition to the individual, group, and family therapy and counseling sessions, the staff at The Sundance Center also provides meditative therapies such as yoga and offers clients holistic massage therapy in a spa-like setting. Chef prepared meals are provided daily as a part of a patients' treatment as, according to the staff at The Sundance Center, an emphasis on health and healthy living is an important part of a successful recovery. Patients are offered their choice of accommodations ranging from semi-private to fully private based on their needs and their desire for confidentiality.

The serene desert location of the center also aids in drug rehab treatment. The opportunity to enjoy and connect with the peaceful natural surroundings of The Sundance Center offer clients an escape from the pressures they face daily, pressures that likely contribute to the addiction itself.

Through this combination of location, accommodations, and therapeutic options, The Sundance Center seeks to represent the highest standard of care for drug rehab in Arizona.

The Sundance Center offers many options for drug and alcohol rehab, addiction treatment, and, if necessary, family intervention. The facilities are located in the scenic Arizona desert and are convenient to major metropolitan areas. For more information on The Sundance Center, including treatment options, healing center locations, admission procedures, and accreditation please visit Confidential assistance and information is also available 24 hours, 7 days a week by calling 866-677-7213.     

What will be buyer requirement about the press release submission?
Use the press release "Drug Rehab Arizona" to submit to 100 3+ PR Press Release sites. The html is already build into the article. The URL we are building for is:
After submitting the press release submission you collect the link and save it in an excel file for the buyer.

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