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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Keyword reaserch in a easy way for search engine

Keyword research by Google adword keyword planner:
First step: First, go to Google Keyword planner. Select your seed keyword in your mind. Mind that you are want to create website on Cricket. You can easily write article on this topic and work on this topic. Select this as a subject or topic. It may be world cup cricket.
Second step: Search the selected keywords in Google keyword planner. Then press get ideas button. You will get huge keywords. Press keyword ideas. Then you will get relevant keywords on your seed keywords or first step selected keywords. If you want to do only blogging then select the long tail keyword with monthly high search volume and good suggested bid. If you want to earn through ADSENSE then select the keyword with high search volume with high CPC and low competition. For long tail, keyword findings use tools then submit on Google keyword planner.
As a project of this “cricket” keyword you should collect, the key words that are exact match and relevant, long tail and low competition with high search volume.
Third step: Search the selected keyword in Google trend. You will find the information that keywords searching are still alive or up or downfall condition. You can also find the information that on which countries these keywords are searching heavily. You can also fix the CPC and local search volume.
Fourth step: Finally select the key words you must analysis the competitor. That means if you search a keyword in Google then you will get Top 10 website in search result. If you want rank, your website or page by this search keyword then you must analyses the strength of these top 10 website or page in SERP. This is call competitor analyses. Free tools SEO-quake can help you for this. You should set up the SEO-quake add-ons in your browser. Using this tool, you can find top ten site or page strength. Manually collect and analyses the data then submit for buyer. For every single keyword, you must do the competitor analysis. In addition, create a report in a excel sheet for buyer submission. You cannot find key word difficulty by SEO-quake add-ons. Keyword difficulty means keyword competitiveness. Google keyword planner shows keyword competition but this competition is among the advertiser on the search keyword. If we want to find real keyword competitive ness then we must use paid tools such as long tailplatinum or keyword revealer. Other free tools that can help you to find keyword competiveness this is Rank tracker. You can find keyword difficulty by using this. However, you cannot download the report in an Excel CSV file. You must use paid version of the tools then you can download the competitor report smoothly. My personal view is that use paid tools for keyword research. Thereafter you will get the real long tail keywords with keywords competiveness or keyword difficulty and find the competitor analyses of these keywords in Excel sheet for buyer submission.

If you do manual keyword competition with free tools then you will not get always-real data and you must work hard. Huge time also consumed for this work.


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