Online Seo training for all: How to do good blog commenting?

Monday, 19 September 2016

How to do good blog commenting?

1) First, collect the blog site that is relevant to your keyword. Then do the blog commenting.
2) When you are doing blog commenting fulfill the require information with username, password, capcha. You can use relevant keyword as a username.
3) The very important thing that first read the blog post properly and then do the comments
4) Write positive, relevant comments about the blog and use the keyword within the comments. When you are making the comments, use HTML code with the relevant keyword.
5) What is the topic or subject of the blog post? Always your keyword must be matched with the blog subject or topic. Otherwise, the search engine will take it as a spamming and you will become banned by search engine from blog commenting in blog site. So always be careful about this relevancy of blog post topics and the keywords which you are using in blog commenting.
6)  Always, try to do blog commenting on the authority website blog page. In another sense, authority website is call official site.  Authority website means .edu site and .gov site. On this authority site, there is always a blog version or blog page where you can do blog commenting. Search engine always takes authority website’s blog commenting is a positive way.
After completing the blog commenting copy the link and open in a new window. If it’s open then save the link in an excel sheet for buyer submission.
Blog site
Submitted/Approved link

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