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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to do a good directory submission?

What is a directory?
Directory means a collection of website in different categories. The website owner submitted their website in a directory as per the relevant category on their website. For this reason visitor finds their expected website in a relevant category. If anyone wants to collect the name of 100, environment related website then he can find it easily from a directory website.
When we search in a search engine, we always not find the accurate website from  a search result. From a directory site, we get our relevant website easily.
 Process of Directory submission
If you have a website about sports, then you can submit it to a directory. First, collect a list of “free web directory site list” from search engines. Then visit one by one. When you visit the website for directory submission, you will find a tab on the above or up on the website as add URL or suggest link. Then click the tab. You will see a form. Fill up the form with proper information such as URL of your website. Title of the website, description of the site, your email and verification code or captcha and then click the submit button. Then you will   receive a message on directory submission that directory admin will inspect your website and publish the result of approval through your email. After getting the email, click the link and then submit it to the buyer as an approved link. Never submit to the buyer without the approval of your directory submission. After approval, submit the report to the buyer in an excel file.  
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